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Custom Orthotics & Sandals


Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics designed specifically to fit your foot and your shoe. Hand crafted by certified pedorthist, Sarah Roginski. Custom orthotics help improve body alignment, gait, and can reduce pain.   Well-designed orthotics can help reduce and even prevent injuries to your feet, knees and hips.


Custom Sandals

Turn your custom orthotic into a full sandal! Multiple designs, colors, and styles to chose from. Uniquely yours.

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Kailie K.

Active Soles (Sarah) created an effective foot bed so I could walk again without limping and pain. I cannot thank Sarah enough for saving me!!!


Sarah was very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. I got much more out of my appointment than just the expected orthotics.

Mary J.

Best sandals ever! Great walking in them....knowing my feet are getting what they need.
Thank you Sarah

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